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Think outside the cereal box

When you start thinking about Quinoa Crack as very small slices of toasted bread... life gets easy and interesting.

Quinoa Crack is not sweet. It tastes plain. For some this is a product design flaw; for others (me) it is a blank canvas on which to create a daily masterpiece.

Today for lunch I was going to fix a sandwich but frankly the sandwich is so unoriginal it's hardly worth doing. So I got a bowl of QC, put some spicy mayonnaise, some grated cheese and a shot of gazpacho, then topped up the bowl with water.

My initial reaction to my own idea was "gross!" However, when you start thinking you start wondering "why not?" Some kitchen why-not questions have obvious answers (like buttermilk in coffee) but others don't. In this case, the QC is just bread. The water might sound gross but really, what is lettuce if not crunchy water? The QC has the crunch already.

Excellent lunch. Like a breakfast cereal version of the sandwich. Still, when I got to the last piece of QC I did NOT drink the remaining liquid.