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Is your cereal as healthy as Quinoa Crack?

What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you think you made a healthy choice with a seemingly healthy breakfast cereal think again. Turn the packet over and take a look at the list of ingredients. 

Here are some we found listed on common breakfast cereals you might have in your cupboard right now:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Barley Malt flavouring
  • Sunflower oil
  • Partially Inverted Brown Sugar
  • Trisodium Phosphate
  • Palm oil
  • Glucose syrup

In most sugar and salt were amongst the top four ingredients listed meaning those cereals contain high quantities of added sugar and salt - even those which market themselves as healthy breakfast cereals.

Most cereals also listed vitamins and minerals like iron, folic acid, B6 and Vitamin D. Cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals because most of the ingredients in breakfast cereals are either low in natural nutrients or are stripped of any natural nutrients during processing.

But fortifying cereals with vitamins and minerals is not giving your body the same quality of vitamin and mineral as you’d get from a natural course. Artificial sources of vitamins and minerals are normally less bioavailable meaning your body can’t use them as easily - so what little is added back in is mostly for marketing benefit rather than to benefit your health.

Why is Quinoa Crack different?

Quinoa Crack has only one ingredient - quinoa. This healthy superfood has been getting outstanding reviews from scientists and nutritionists for years. In fact in 1955 one group of researchers stated:

“While no single food can supply all the essential life sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the plant or animal kingdom.”

That’s because quinoa is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, complete protein and antioxidants. There aren’t many other grains or cereals which pack such a strong nutrient punch - naturally! Find out more about the health benefits of quinoa.