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Just Crack!

100% gluten free, super snacking goodness.

This cereal exists because you and I are tired of big corporations feeding us sugar for breakfast, making us feel sick and stupid.

This website exists to get around the big, impersonal food distribution and retail chains. Here on the web, me (a quinoa grower and cereal producer) and you (a person who will eat the quinoa cereal I've produced) are in direct contact! Isn't that cool? I would hate to have to go through those big chains to get to you.

If you don't have any friends and want to buy just one box at a time, ask your favourite local independent grocers to stock Quinoa Crack; suggest they buy it on this website by the 8-pack. We like little shops.

Six Cracking Reasons to Enjoy Quinoa Crack

  • 1#

    It's Protein-tastic

    Quinoa is high in protein, contributing to growth and maintenance of your muscle mass and your bones.
  • 2#

    Marvellous Manganese

    You may only need it in micro amounts, but manganese is a valuable component of a valuable enzyme that helps fight free radicals. In other words in our daily detox battle quinoa is a good source of this nutritional soldier.
  • 3#

    Iron Rich

    Quinoa is a good source of iron, helping brain, body and red blood cells as well as well as contributing to the normal functioning of your immune system.
  • 4#

    Magnificent Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that contributes to reducing tiredness, balancing electrolytes and the normal functioning of your nervous system.
  • 5#

    It's fab for fibre

    Quinoa is high in fibre which isn't just great for supporting digestion but also for supporting healthy digestion.
  • 6#

    Essentially Essential

    Quinoa contains all Essential Amino Acids that the body cannot manufacture for itself and needs to get from your diet.


There's no limit to lovely recipe ideas for our cracking, snacking cereal — load yours to #crackingrecipes!

Our Minerals

“Mini” because they are little. “Rels” because, obviously, they are little rels. Minirels.

Quinoa Crack, if it is going to be a respectable breakfast cereal, must have its cartoon mascots. The Minirels were looking for work and we gave them the job. Each Minirel is the personification of a chemical element particularly interesting for human and plant nutrition. Like the elements they represent, each has a unique and fairly predictable personality.

There are other Minirels, too. There's a whole Minirel universe full of fun, educational adventures. You can help create it. If you have any suggestions to help us bring the Minirels to life please write us.

  • Irony

    Not the brightest metal around. But so strong and handsome. We need iron, seriously, and we need Irony to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Zinky

    Yay ! OMG ! We love Zinky ! She's full of zip and pep ! She's just, like, everything is so, like, yay ! OMG ! Yay !
  • Magneasy

    Too cool for skool. No stress. Magneasy in da house. But just kool enough to nod his lazy head in the knowledge that life should be chilled and fun.
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